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The Skincare Guide for Biotech Brides

by Codex Beauty Labs

The Skincare Guide for Biotech Brides

Your sustainable routine for big-day, visible results

Getting Married? Well, a big congratulations to you! With loads to plan, let your skincare regimen be as stress-free and biotechnology-rich as possible. We list the clinically proven skin benefits in our simple to follow Skincare Guide for The Biotech Bride. Read on for a sustainably-green routine for gorgeous skin on the big day and forever more.


But First, What is Biotech?

We love plant-based biotechnology because we’re able to formulate breakthrough solutions for first-ever clinical results (hello, Efficacy Panel) without negatively impacting our environment! Biotech beauty is the perfect marriage between science and nature—blending lab-made ingredients with natural ingredients to formulate environmentally friendly products that are clinically proven to target six common skin concerns: drynessoilinesssensitivityirritationvisible pores, and fine lines for a rich and healthy microbiome that keeps skin looking fresh and radiant way beyond the honeymoon!


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Multi-Correcting Cleansing

Youll love the cloud-soft, relaxing benefits of our 2020 Byrdie Eco-Beauty Award-Winning Bia Exfoliating Wash. Unlike other exfoliating cleansers, our creamy, hydrating cleanse uses softening jojoba grains to keep skin smooth, without that dry, tight sensation after stepping out of the shower. In addition, 100% of subjects experienced a whopping 47% decrease in skin flakiness, and 74% experienced a 14% decrease in transepidermal water loss in 4 weeks. Use this non-abrasive deep cleanser as a stand-alone or double-up with our Bia Gentle Cleansing Oil to remove makeup for a luxurious cleansing routine—clinically proven to increase hydration and decrease oiliness and sebum. Youll love the cleansing power of this purifying duo!

We also recommend our new Antü Refreshing Gel Cleanser if youre looking for an invigorating cleanser (talk about citrusy and refreshing!) to remove airborne pollutants and reset your skin barrier from time under the sun. This ones ideal for packing in your honeymoon bag if you want to tackle redness and your skin tends to be on the oilier side. Begin using before the big day as 94% of subjects measured a 30% sebum decrease in our third-party clinical study.



Hydrate, Brighten & Protect

Experience  softer and smoother skin with Bia Nourishing Facial Oil that locks in moisture—with data-backed results reporting 100% of subjects measuring a huge 168% increase in hydration, 100% of subjects experiencing a 43% decrease in skin flakiness, and 93% measuring a 28% decrease in oiliness and sebum!

To plump, re-densify, and firm, we recommend our Antü Brightening Serum to restore your skin barrier (97% subjects measured a 44% decrease in TEWL!) and recover from sun exposure. We recommend it to rev up dull, uneven skin prior to the big day. For added protection, layer the facial oil over your serum to lock in precious hydration and to supercharge the fight against inflammaging.


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Day, Night, & Eye Dream Team

Further boost daily skin protection against skin inflammaging and ensure UV recovery and glowing, radiant skin on the big day with Antü Brightening Moisturizer. Clinically proven to increase hydration, decrease TEWL and decrease pore visibility! Even self-assessments reported visible softening, toning, and luminosity. This one’s a keeper for stashing in your bag, along with Antü Radiance Mist, for restoring your complexion before you say those ‘I-Do’s’ or on beachy honeymoons. 

Wake up with enviable glowing skin with Byrdie 2021 Eco-Beauty Award Winner Antü Brightening Night Cream to nourish your skin overnight. 94% of subjects measured a 19% hydration increase, 81% experienced a 24% decrease in TEWL, and 71% experienced an increase in skin tone uniformity. 

Complete your bridal beauty routine with our intensely hydrating Antü Brightening Eye Cream to combat under-eye darkness, discoloration, and increase firmness (no wrinkles on that big day!) for a more radiant walk down the aisle! 

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