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The Bia skincare collection combines the power of indigenous Irish botanicals and BiaComplex™ for improved hydration, moisture retention, and skin cleansing. The collection is focused on hydration, moisture retention and cleansing without stripping moisture while supporting the microbiome. Our patented BiaComplex™️ was designed to soothe dry skin, help shed the outer dry layers, moisturize, and retain the water by improving osmotic function and forming a protective surface film.

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  • Bia Hydration HeroesBia Hydration Heroes
    Bia Hydration Heroes

    Restoring & Cleansing

  • Bia Exfoliating WashBia Exfoliating Wash
    Bia Exfoliating Wash

    Smoothing & Softening

  • Bia Hydrating Eye GelBia Hydrating Eye Gel
    Bia Hydrating Eye Gel

    Hydrating & Cooling

  • How is our Bia Collection Different?

    Our patented BiaComplex™ is packed with the power of bio-actives blending complementary oil and aqueous extracts of each plant for clinically proven skin hydration & smoothness. Each plant addresses skin hydration in distinct yet synergistic ways.

    Helps moisturise and soothe the skin.

    Creates a protective film to retain moisture.

    Helps shed the drier outer layers of skin.

    Helps improve osmotic function to boost water retention.

    Forms a protective gel that also moisturises skin.

  • Bia Gentle Cleansing OilBia Gentle Cleansing Oil
    Bia Gentle Cleansing Oil

    Purifying & Mattifying

  • Bia Facial OilBia Facial Oil
    Bia Facial Oil

    Revitalising & Balancing

  • Bia Pamper Care KitBia Pamper Care Kit
    Bia Pamper Care Kit

    Softening & Nourishing

  • What is Biotech Beauty?

    The new wave in beauty that doesn’t play by the rules.

  • Festive Soap DuoFestive Soap Duo
    Festive Soap Duo

    Cleansing & Exfoliating

  • Bia Soap DuoBia Soap Duo
    Bia Soap Duo

    Soothing & Balancing

  • Bia Invigorating SoapBia Invigorating Soap
    Bia Invigorating Soap

    Moisturizing & Nourishing

  • Bia Uplifting SoapBia Uplifting Soap
    Bia Uplifting Soap

    Softens & Soothes

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