Soaps & Soaks

Discover microbiome-friendly, plant-based soap bars and aromatherapeutic salt soaks. Our soaps are cold-processed with plant oils and butters to gently cleanse skin without stripping.

  • Psoriasis Foundation Recognized
    Bia Unscented Soap Bia Unscented Soap second

    Soothing & Calming

    Bia Unscented Soap

  • 17% Off
    Bia Soap Duo Bia Soap Duo second

    Soothing & Balancing

    Bia Soap Duo

  • Bia Balancing Soap Bia Balancing Soap second

    Moisturizing & Balancing

    Bia Balancing Soap

  • Antü Refreshing Soap Antü Refreshing Soap second

    Revitalizing & Nourishing

    Antü Refreshing Soap

  • Antü Restoring Soap Antü Restoring Soap second

    Softening & Protecting

    Antü Restoring Soap

  • 17% Off
    Antü Soap Duo Antü Soap Duo second

    Energizing & Restoring

    Antü Soap Duo

  • Explorer Soap Set Explorer Soap Set second

    Explorer Soap Set

  • Bia Heart Soap Bia Heart Soap second

    Soothing & Calming

    Bia Heart Soap

  • Bia Seaweed Soak Bia Seaweed Soak second

    Moisturizing & Soothing

    Bia Seaweed Soak

Clinically proven skin solutions approved by dermatologists.

Dehydrated skin can become irritated, red, flaky, or even crack. Dehydration also causes oxidative stress that can damage your skin barrier, making you more prone to unwanted infections, or lead to collagen breakdown, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. Our moisturizers drive hydration deep into your skin, reduce oxidative stress, and restore your skin barrier to optimal health.

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